A Rainbow Sky of Umbrellas

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Moominvalley Park in the city of Hannō, Japan.

The park created a magical entrance road that enhances the enchanting experience for visitors. This beautifully designed pathway immerses guests in the whimsical world of Moominvalley right from the start, setting the tone for a memorable visit.

Hannō, a small city nestled among serene mountains and calming rivers, provides the perfect backdrop for Moominvalley Park. Located just a 40-minute train ride from the bustling streets of Tokyo, Hannō offers a peaceful escape where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of the area. The park itself is a haven for fans of the beloved Moomin characters, offering a variety of attractions and experiences that bring Tove Jansson’s stories to life.

The entrance road to Moominvalley Park is designed to be a journey in itself, with lush greenery, charming decorations, and subtle nods to the Moomin universe. As guests walk along this path, they are gradually drawn into the magical atmosphere of the park, leaving the everyday world behind and stepping into a place of wonder and imagination.

In addition to the enchanting entrance road, Moominvalley Park offers a range of attractions, including interactive exhibits, themed rides, and beautifully recreated scenes from the Moomin books. Visitors can explore Moominhouse, meet their favorite characters, and enjoy performances and activities that celebrate the charm and whimsy of the Moomin stories.

Hannō’s proximity to Tokyo makes it an accessible and appealing destination for both locals and tourists. The combination of the city’s natural beauty and the enchanting experience of Moominvalley Park creates a unique and unforgettable outing. The park’s celebration of its one-year anniversary with the creation of this magical entrance road is a testament to its commitment to providing a delightful and immersive experience for all who visit.

The installation is called “Metsä Umbrella Sky,” and it begins at the gate of Metsä Village, creating an enchanting prelude to the wonders of Moominvalley Park.

The entrance road is the vision of Masaru Suzuki, a renowned designer known for his innovative and captivating works. Suzuki used over 1,000 multi-colored umbrellas to form this incredible installation, each one carefully placed to create a stunning canopy of vibrant hues. As visitors walk beneath this umbrella sky, they are greeted with a kaleidoscope of colors that dance and shift with the movement of the sun, casting beautiful, colored shadows onto the footpath below.

This captivating display is surrounded by a lush forest, further enhancing the magical atmosphere.

The combination of the colorful umbrellas and the natural greenery creates a unique and immersive experience, inviting guests to leave the everyday world behind and enter a realm of imagination and wonder. The umbrellas not only provide a visual feast but also offer a playful interaction with the natural light, making each visit a unique experience as the colors and shadows change throughout the day.

“Metsä Umbrella Sky” is more than just an entrance; it is an artistic expression that sets the tone for the whimsical and enchanting adventures that await inside Moominvalley Park. This installation exemplifies the creativity and attention to detail that the park is known for, ensuring that every aspect of the visitor experience is both delightful and memorable. By transforming a simple pathway into a work of art, Masaru Suzuki has created a magical gateway that captivates the imagination and welcomes guests into the heart of Moominvalley.