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Volvo’s Dynamic Steering


Epic Split!

Volve Truck Split

“Epic Split” is a 75-second-long commercial released in late-2013 by Volvo Trucks. It features Jean-Claude Van Damme performing gymnastic splits between two moving trucks set to the music “Only Time” by Enya. The director was Andreas Nilsson.

Talk about Trust

How do you get people worldwide to talk about trucks? And how do you get truckers interested in driving them? For Volvo Trucks, the answer was: think big. So in the series of viral films it created testing new features, the “Live Tests” involved were bold and became one of the hottest contenders for honours at Cannes Lions 2014 – quite literally: epic.

“The Epic Split,” in which Jean-Claude Van Damme performs a split between two reversing trucks to demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering, is the sixth in a series of “Live Test” films produced for the company by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors. Volvo Trucks appointed the agency in 2010 ahead of the launch of its new European range in 2012 – the company’s first major launch in 20 years.

A man is standing on top of two large trucks.