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Thomas Hamel & Associates

Thomas Hamel & Associates specialise in residential design and are renowned for stylish yet timeless interiors tailored to today’s living.


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Project overview

Nick Krull started working with Thomas Hamel back in 2005 when Thomas had a small but very well known studio of 4 staff. Now Thomas Hamel has a team of 30+.

We have worked together with Thomas to create a brand that epitomises who Thomas is and the style of interiors he creates. Over the years we have worked on many projects for Thomas Hamel & Associates and remain doing so as the brand grows and expands. 


The brand name changed
from Thomas Hamel to
Thomas Hamel & Associates
as the business grew.

Thomas Hamel is riding a bike on a hill.

Email Campaigns

We have created two websites for Thomas Hamel. With the latest iteration, we were briefed to keep the site simple and let the work speak for itself. We agreed with Thomas because the work does truely tell his story. For this reason, we wanted the user to be hit by the interiors in all their glory from the beginning. We used full browser images to achieve this. 

Print Production

Residence Book

In 2008 we had a brief meeting with Thomas and all he said was “I want to create a coffee table interiors book”. The rest, they say, is history.

We found Thomas an incredible photographer, Matt Lowden. He hadn’t photographed interiors before but from the calibre of his work we convinced Thomas to give him a chance. Thomas was not disappointed and flew around the world with him taking photos of his international clients’ homes.

We used an Australian publisher, Hardie Grant, to publish the book.

We were involved in Art Direction, post production of images and creating final artwork for Hardie Grant. This 222 page hard cover book came in two formats. The first was the book in its standard hardcover version and the second limited edition version was the standard book in a hard fabric slip cover.  

Project Work

Some of the creative done for the project