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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift explore, predict, and invest in paradigm shifting technologies. They set a fresh approach to venture capital, offering thoughtful wholesale investors an outstanding range of investment opportunities that they believe won’t just move to a future defined but will move the future itself.


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    Paradigm Shift

  • Completed

    Dec 2021


Project overview

We have worked with one of the Joint Founders and Managing Director, Jackie Taranto since 2012. The brief was to create a website which was public facing and had a secure portal for investors to get specific investment information.



The public facing website is fairly simple with a few pages of information including bios of the team.

We created the secure portal in a way that it is very easy to update and add new investments in the future. Resources and downloads for specific investments will only be sent to investors who are involved in that specific fund. When that investor logs in they will only be shown the funds they are invested in.

Project Work

Some of the creative done for the project