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Gregory Mellor Design

Cape Town based interior designer Gregory Mellor has over two decades of designing residential, hospitality and commercial spaces across the globe.


Based for a time in Sydney, where he initially worked at Thomas Hamel for five years before opening his own business, he was involved in projects as far flung as Provence, Singapore, and New York, in addition to designing numerous residential and hotel spaces closer to home around Australia.


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    Gregory Mellor

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Project overview

Nick Krull has been working with Gregory Mellor since 2002. He created the original Gregory Mellor brand identity and all marketing communication. Over that time the website has seem 3 iterations. The latest one being completed in Feb 2018. 


The brand name changed
from Gregory Mellor to
Gregory Mellor Design
as the business grew.

A man is riding a bike on a hill, designed by Gregory Mellor.


Greg wanted the new website to be a lot cleaner and show a lot more “white space”. We created an interactive space where the images were hero and that would be easy to update when new projects were completed.

Project Work

Some of the creative done for the project