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Armenian Christian Mission

On 27th September 2020 Azerbaijan declared war on Artsakh. Over 100,000 people have been displaced and left with nothing to survive. Armenian Christian Mission (ACM) has set up the Artsakh Humanitarian Appeal to assist these vulnerable and displaced refugee families of Artsakh.


  • Creative

    Branding & Website

  • Client

    Armenian Christian Mission Inc

  • Completed

    November 2020


Project overview

We were asked by an Armenian community in Sydney to assist with the redevelopment of the ACM website in order to promote the site and raise funds to support displaced families in the Armenian region.

This was a pro bono project. 


Completely new brand

Armenian christian mission logo.


The website needed to exhibit all the ministry areas where the fund raising would be serviced. We also needed a donation system both for one-off donations for each ministry area as well as a “Sponsor a Family” monthly donation system where people can opt-in to donating a monthly fee to sponsor a family and assist them with food, rent, medical supplies, education, home care and even help with farmers so they could to supply the community with food. 

Project Work

Some of the creative done for the project