TrueBuff Marathon

Foxtel's SyFy channel had a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer Marathon" for their customers to watch all 7 seasons over a weekend, and they needed social collateral to promote it.

TV Series Marathon

We were engaged by Foxtel to create a series of social media assets for a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon." The unique challenge was to style these assets in a way that evoked the dark, sultry aesthetics of the HBO series TrueBlood and the Twilight movies.

Given this brief, our first step was to gather and analyse the original assets provided by Foxtel. These assets included promotional images, character stills, and key art from the Buffy series. To ensure our new designs would align seamlessly with the desired stylistic influences, we conducted thorough research into the visual themes and marketing strategies employed in TrueBlood and Twilight advertising campaigns.

For TrueBlood, we noted the use of deep, rich colour palettes, often dominated by reds and blacks, to evoke themes of passion and danger. The typography used was bold and dramatic, often paired with striking, high-contrast imagery of characters in intense, sometimes provocative poses.

Similarly, the Twilight series' promotional materials frequently featured a moody, ethereal aesthetic, with soft lighting, cool blue tones, and a focus on the romantic tension between characters. The use of misty backgrounds and dramatic, close-up shots also played a significant role in establishing the film's iconic look.

Armed with these insights, we began the creative process. Each social media asset was carefully crafted to blend the dark allure of TrueBlood with the romantic mystique of Twilight while remaining true to the essence of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We used deep, moody colour schemes and incorporated high-contrast elements to capture the intensity and drama characteristic of both influences.

The final set of social media assets successfully combined these diverse visual influences, creating a cohesive and compelling promotion for the Buffy marathon that resonated with fans of all three franchises. Our client, Foxtel, was thrilled with the results, noting that the assets not only captured the desired aesthetic but also effectively engaged their target audience, driving significant interest and participation in the marathon event.

Foxtel: SyFy
Creative Execution:
Social Assets
March 2011
Client: Foxtel: SyFy
Creative Execution: Social Assets
Completed: March 2011

"I may be dead, but I'm still pretty" Þ

Poster featuring cast members of a vampire-themed TV show with the text "True Buff: The Vampire Slayer Marathon" at the bottom. Central character has a blood-stained neck. Dark background.
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The Promax Awards, organized by Promax, are prestigious honors in the entertainment marketing industry. They recognize outstanding achievements in entertainment marketing, promotion, and design. These awards are given to individuals and companies that demonstrate creativity, innovation, and excellence in the promotion of television, radio, and digital media.

INTERACTIVE MEDIA: Viral/Web/User generated content

TrueBuff: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Marathon

A person holds a blood-drenched wooden stake against a black background with the text "buff up twi-hards" and "truebuff: the vampire slayer marathon." Red blood drips below.
A woman holding a wooden stake stands against a dark background with a full moon, text reads "real vampires don't sparkle" and "truebuff the vampire slayer marathon.
A woman sits on a table in dim lighting, with the words "Fangbanger" and "TrueBuff The Vampire Slayer Marathon" on the image. A man stands blurred in the background.

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Buffy-1a Buffy-1b
Buffy-3a Buffy-3b
Buffy-2a Buffy-2b

"Dawn's in trouble. Must be Tuesday" Þ

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