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Thomas Hamel & Associates is a celebrated interior design firm based in Sydney, Australia, founded by American-born designer Thomas Hamel. The firm, established in 1991, specializes in residential design, offering stylish and timeless interiors that cater to modern living. Thomas Hamel & Associates is known for its “classic modernist” aesthetic, blending contemporary sensibility with timeless elegance to create unique and sophisticated spaces for its clients.

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Nick Krull began his collaboration with Thomas Hamel in 2005, at a time when Thomas operated a small but highly regarded studio with a dedicated team of four. This partnership marked the beginning of a significant journey in the world of interior design. Over the years, Thomas Hamel & Associates has grown exponentially, now boasting a talented team of over 30 professionals.

Together with Thomas, we have meticulously developed a brand that not only epitomizes Thomas's personal identity but also embodies the unique, sophisticated style of interiors he is renowned for creating. Our collaboration has been instrumental in defining the aesthetic and ethos of Thomas Hamel & Associates, ensuring that the brand consistently reflects the elegance and timeless quality that Thomas brings to every project.

We have developed two distinct websites for Thomas Hamel, each reflecting the evolving nature of his brand and design philosophy. With the latest iteration, our objective was clear: keep the site simple and allow Thomas's exquisite work to take center stage. This approach was a mutual decision, driven by our shared belief that Thomas's designs are powerful narratives in their own right, each telling a unique story of elegance and sophistication.

Our goal was to ensure that visitors to the website would be immediately captivated by the beauty of Thomas's interiors. We wanted the visual experience to be both striking and immersive from the very first moment. To achieve this, we implemented full-browser images, allowing the stunning designs to be displayed in their full glory, without any distractions. This design choice not only showcases the intricate details and craftsmanship of Thomas's work but also creates an impactful visual journey for the user.

By using large, high-quality images that span the entire browser, we effectively highlight the scale and grandeur of the interiors. This method ensures that each project is presented in a way that emphasizes its unique characteristics and the meticulous attention to detail that Thomas Hamel & Associates is known for. The simplicity of the site’s layout further enhances this effect, drawing the viewer's focus solely to the breathtaking visuals.

Through this minimalist design approach, we have successfully created a platform that not only displays Thomas's work but also enhances the storytelling aspect of each project. The result is a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient, providing users with an engaging and visually rich experience that truly reflects the essence of Thomas Hamel's design ethos.


In 2008, during a brief meeting with Thomas Hamel, he expressed his desire to create a coffee table interiors book. That simple idea marked the beginning of a significant project.

"Residence" by Thomas Hamel, a coffee table book designed and created by Krull D+A, aimed to produce a visually stunning volume that not only showcases Thomas Hamel's most impressive interior design projects but also capture the essence of his design philosophy and aesthetic.

We introduced Thomas to an exceptional photographer, Matt Lowden. Although Matt had never photographed interiors before, his outstanding portfolio convinced us—and ultimately Thomas—to give him a chance. Thomas traveled the globe with Matt, capturing stunning images of his international clients’ homes, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Our team worked closely with Thomas Hamel to ensure that every page of the book reflects the sophistication and elegance inherent in his work. The design process involved selecting the most striking images from Hamel's portfolio and presenting them in a way that emphasises the beauty and detail of each project.

This partnership between Thomas Hamel and Krull Design & Advertising has resulted in a book that serves as both a source of inspiration for interior design enthusiasts and a testament to Hamel's illustrious career and design achievements.

To publish the book, we partnered with Australian publisher Hardie Grant. Our role extended beyond the initial concept to include art direction, post-production of images, and creating the final artwork for Hardie Grant. The result was a 222-page hardcover book available in two formats: a standard hardcover edition and a limited edition version featuring a fabric slipcover.

Thomas Hamel & Associates
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Client: Thomas Hamel & Associates
Creative Execution: Branding | Website | Emails | Book
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Sophistication with timeless elegance Þ

A bright open living space with a blue sofa, abstract wall art, a modern kitchen, a round dining table with light blue chairs, and a colorful rug on the floor.
A well-lit living room features a gray sofa with colorful cushions, two pink armchairs, a chandelier, large windows with curtains, a wall mirror, and a dining table with decor pieces.
An elegant living room with a white sofa, wooden coffee table, plush chairs, and plants. Decor includes a vase of white flowers and books, with large mirrors and windows adding light to the space.
A dining room with a long wooden table, twelve chairs, ornate chandeliers, a fireplace, and decorative mirrors.
A well-furnished living room with coral walls, green curtains, a fireplace, two armchairs, a glass coffee table, framed artwork, and a view into a dining room.
A spacious bedroom with a canopy bed, blue and white bedding, two tall lamps on bedside tables, a large rug, a bench, and a sofa with blue curtains on the windows.
A modern living room featuring a wall-mounted TV above a fireplace, surrounded by large windows with shades, two sofas, and a coffee table in the center.
Thomas Hamel’s signature style can be characterized as “modern classic,” blending contemporary sophistication with timeless elegance. His design ethos is heavily influenced by his international experiences and travels, which are evident in his eclectic yet cohesive interiors.
"Residence" by Thomas Hamel

Tailored to the client’s lifestyle Þ

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