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Systaino is a dynamic, universal platform for a global community to come together and who are aligned in the pursuit of a sustainable world. We believe this is founded on a respect for nature, universal human rights and economic justice. This will be achieved through a culture of care, purpose and thought leadership, underpinned by responsible proactive decision-making and innovation – all for a better life.


  • Creative

    Branding | Website

  • Client

    Nick Krull & Allison Ribas

  • Completed

    May 2019



One of Nick Krull’s pet projects. He feels very strongly about the environment and decided to create Systaino with a friend who aligned with the same environmental values.


Logo created
in 2019



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The website which encapsulates all aspects of sustainability is primarily an articles website. The articles range from huge corporates changing the way they think to create a more sustainable world, down to students who have invented something to help improve the environment, and everything in between. If it helps the environment we’ll write about it.

Project work

Some of the creative done for the project