Sydney WorldPride 2023

WorldPride is a global Pride celebration that happens every few years in a different city around the world.

Sydney WorldPride events took place from February 17, 2023 until March 5, 2023, with the official Sydney WorldPride Opening Ceremony taking place on February 24, a First Nations Gathering Space, a game-changing Human Rights Conference, an unforgettable Pride March across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a closing ceremony and a sensational party on Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach!

Community Event

We were engaged by Sydney WorldPride in 2020 to create an interim website for the organisation. When more details on the festival were released and secured, Sydney WorldPride engaged us to do the final website for the festival.

The new website displays the styling of the new brand, created by Nungala Creative. We were required to feature all the upcoming major events for the festival and make the site more accessible using breadcrumbs and accessibility widget.

Sydney WorldPride
Creative Execution:
August 2021
Client: Sydney WorldPride
Creative Execution: Website
Completed: August 2021
Sydney WorldPride 2023 website landing page with a brightly colored background and a sign-up form. Features event dates: February 17 - March 5.
Three people pose for a photo while holding a rainbow flag. Another person takes their picture with a camera. They are outdoors in a casual setting.
A person with raised hands is waving two rainbow flags at an indoor concert, surrounded by a cheering crowd and colorful stage lights.
A group of people in matching outfits hold colorful heart-shaped signs that read "Love Your Hair" and "Love Your Skin" at a nighttime event.
Participants riding motorcycles adorned with rainbow flags parade down a street, as an enthusiastic crowd watches and takes photos during a pride event.
Two people dressed in colorful, sparkly outfits with pom-poms smile and pose for a photo during a festive event.
A large rainbow flag is being waved by individuals in an outdoor setting, surrounded by trees and buildings.
A colorful background displays a gradient of the rainbow transitioning from red to purple, with translucent heart shapes scattered throughout.

Diversity & Inclusivity Þ

They developed a full arts and cultural program across Greater Sydney reflective of our diverse LGBTIQ+ communities. It spanned theatre, visual arts, music and cabaret and have a strong focus on First Nations peoples and the Asia-Pacific. Committed to ensuring the festival was accessible to people of all abilities - transport, communications, amenities and related services were optimised for overall comfort and enjoyment of attendees.
A vibrant promotional image for Sydney WorldPride 2023, featuring colorful abstract designs, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and event details: February 17 - March 5. Text reads "Welcoming you to Sydney WorldPride 2023!.
A bustling crowd at an outdoor event with a rainbow-striped street and colorful decor, supervised by event personnel in bright vests.

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