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Lego helping parents educate


Lego Build & Teach

Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997 and they did a global research program in 2019 that revealed 84% of parent are worried about their children’s online safety but aren’t taking time to talk to them about it.

This is where Lego comes in. They have created a series of creative challenges to help parents talk to their children in an enjoyable and interactive way .

On average parents will only talk to their children for 46min (according to the Kaspersky research) about online safety during their entire childhood. Scary statistics.

So Lego have come up with 3 scenarios for their “Build and Teach” program:

  1. Online Videos (The Giggler)
  2. Online Gaming (The Multiplayer)
  3. Online Chats (The Chatterbox)

Each scenario has an activity pack which sets out questions and help for parents to talk about online safety. 

A lego toy with a pink and blue face.

The Giggler

Loves to watch and make videos online

A blue and purple lego toy with two hands.

The Multiplayer

Loves playing games online

A group of toy robots are shown on a poster.
A lego robot is standing on a blue background.

The Chatterbox

Loves chatting with friends online

These activity packs, that can be download here, outline the dangers in each scenario  and how to talk to their children about each danger.

We think this is an excellent initiative in helping children find out about online perils of the digital world.

Well done Lego, great work!