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L’Amour Le Terrain


Love The Field

In these times where social distancing has forced Fashion Week 2020/2021 to only present digitally, one designers show has remained a physical event “L’Amour”, with social distancing of course. That designer is Simon Porte Jacquemus. It took place in the heart of the countryside, one hour from Paris. The designer invited 100 selected guests to attend a show unlike any other. Telling Vogue “It was important to have a show because it’s at the heart of our brand; our strategy revolves around the moment. It’s a magical moment, we couldn’t have done without it and we all needed it.” 

The show was set in the wheat fields of a commune in the Val-D’Oise region of France, all the while respecting the rules of social distancing. They inserted a windy runway in the wheat, and scattered chairs, flanking the runway, were inserted into the wheat itself always adhering to social distancing. To continue the safety aspect, each guest received a small bag containing a small bottle of hand gel, a beige face mask and a bottle of water.

The result was a beautiful, visual masterpiece. 

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Two people standing in a field of wheat.
A woman in a white dress walks through a wheat field.