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Spatial Branding, an unacknowledged gem.


What is Spatial Brand Design?

We have it around us at all times but probably are unaware of it. Spatial Brand Design, or also known as Environmental Design, is the branding and signage used to direct us in our everyday lives.

It is sometimes overlooked in the design process but without it there would be a lot of confusion in the world and it could look very bland and uninviting. 

Depending on your industry you would use this in different ways

Co-living and hospitality spaces have many areas where branding and directional signage are required. Floor levels, restrooms and area signage are common in these areas. Creating artwork that works synergistically with the locations branding is essential.

University and office campuses are also a huge user of spatial branding. These are mainly to help people get around the campus and find their location. Again, these are used effectively when integrated with the institutes brand guidelines and elements.