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Is that a Kangaroo or Koala on your face?


Antimicrobial Knit-to-Fit Face Masks.

With the introduction of social distancing due to COVID-19, wearing face masks have become a way of life. Many have started sewing their own face coverings as masks became scarce and if you had to wear them for long periods of time, comfort became a big factor but they still needed to be functional. 

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An Oakland-based company, Bilio, has taken a strategic approach to its knit-to-fit face masks designed for long term use. Facial sizing data informs the ergonomic design that “hugs your smile,” while an embedded copper nose crimp for a superior fit, in addition to an interwoven anti-microbial silver yarn by X-STATIC, threaded into recycled polyester, inhibit and eliminate bacteria.

It’s washable, reusable, and currently available in two style, the Koala (without filters), and the Kangaroo, with a pouch for replaceable filter inserts. Both masks come from recycled materials.

Bilio’s masks also come in a resealable, food-grade airtight pouch for storage. 

A person holding a white and black face mask.
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